Brand New Mercies, LLC

Coach Jolene J. has 7 ½ years of adult and young adult counseling and coaching experience with proven results that have allowed one to see and be exactly who God wanted them to be. 

Coach Jolene J. and BNM will offer the support, guidance and direction to finding one’s self by first offering a caring ear to individuals searching for self satisfaction.

BNM is the foundation/platform for Jolene J. to exhibit and fulfill her life’s purpose. Her Life Purpose statement is: I am the encouraging mirror; I allow you to see exactly who you want to be!

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism and Communications from Hampton University, a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management and she rec​ently finished the core curriculum to become a certified coach through CTI –The Coaches Training Institute which is supported by ICF’s ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program). Coach Jolene J is on her way to receiving a CPCC and ACC (Associate Certified Coach) through CTI.